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E-Content Development

Cyber wellness game project

On 1 st Jan 2011, Synergy Focus was tasked by ICSC to develop a serious game project aims to educate students on cyber wellness. Through game playing, students explore the vulnerability and impact of cyber bully through real life cases built inside the game.

ICSC (Inter-Ministry Cyber Wellness Steering Committee) which was formed in Singapore in 2009, co-chaired by Ministry of Information, Communications and The Arts and Ministry of Education, and includes representative from various ministries and government agencies including Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Media Development Authority.

Asia Pacific

On 1 st Aug 2009, Synergy Focus became the sole distributor of Asia Pacific streams culturally and historically significant films from Asia and the Pacific that entertain, educate and inspire viewers to think beyond boundaries.

Asia Pacific Films is an experienced team of Asia and Pacific film programmers working in concert with notable scholars, critics, and curators who carefully select their films. The curators and’s president Jeannette Hereniko are members of the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC), a well-respected international organization. Every year NETPAC awards prizes at major international film festivals.

Screen Digest

On 29 th June 2007, Synergy Focus became the sole distributor of Screen Digest Limited (now part of iSuppli). The content of is available to all members of Singapore National Library Board.

Screen Digest Ltd is a company providing business intelligence, research and analysis on the global media markets based in London, United Kingdom, that has grown out of a monthly journal of that name that was founded in 1971. It was acquired by the technology researcher iSuppli in 2010.