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DTP Editing

In recent years there is an increasing demand to translate and provide DTP soft data for product manuals, catalogues, and pamphlets in a number of languages. Synergy Focus already has a system in place for accommodating DTP editing for translation purposes.

Requesting detailed quotation

We are happy to provide you with a quotation free of charge. Please provide details of the content, the volume (number of words or characters, or number of pages), and the desired date of delivery. Please also indicate whether you have existing DTP applications and translation software. If possible, please forward the actual document to us by e-mail or fax.

After examining the details of your request, we will forward a quotation to you by e-mail.




Examples of projects

- Manual for a medical
equipment (120 pages)
- Handbook for electronic devices (70 pages)
- Government news letter (20 pages)
- City guidebook (3 languages, 100 pages)
- Catalog (2 languages, total 500 pages)

Main languages

English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Thai, other languages.used in Asia, and other major languages