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Understanding the different demands of translation to suit the target audience, we provide translation services like Chinese and Japanese translations that aptly accommodate each of our clients’ needs whether it is for documents, for in-house use or information to provide to customers.

At Synergy Focus, we carefully assess our clients’ translation requests and respond to their various needs appropriately and flexibly.

The translation team

The team at Synergy Focus is made up of professional translators, proofreader/editors, and coordinators who on average have ten or more years’ experience. Our Japanese and Chinese translators are well trained in giving quality work to the client. Taking full advantage of our network that covers Asia and Europe as well as our know-how in IT technology, which is one of our proven strengths, we continually strive to broaden our field of operation and improve upon the high-quality services we already offer.

Translators who are part of the Synergy Focus team are professional translators with extensive experience. They have successfully completed our rigorous translation test and have been carefully selected on the basis of their breadth of experience, knowledge in specialized fields, and excellent translation skills.We choose only certified Chinese and Japanese translators due to complexity of the languages.

Proofreader/editors check each translation carefully not only to ensure accuracy but also to refine and enhance the text where appropriate. As they edit, they check to make sure that the language and terms used are consistent and that the text is fluid and easy to read. Japanese and Chinese translations are given special attention to make sure that translation work is flawless.

Coordinators carefully analyze the requests of the client and assign an appropriate translator to take on the assignment. Prior to commencement of the actual translation, the coordinators confirm the points which may affect the overall quality of the final translation, which include whether any reference materials and previous translations exist and whether a particular style is requested.

Translation rate (rough indication)

from S$0.2 / word (English, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, etc.)
from S$0.1 / character (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)

Synergy Focus appreciates your patronage and gladly offers a basic discount of 10 to 30 percent to clients who use our services frequently or place volume orders.

Requesting detailed quotation

We are happy to provide you with a quotation free of charge. Please provide details of the content, the volume (number of words or characters, or number of pages), and the desired date of delivery. If possible, please forward the actual document to us by e-mail or fax (+65 6722 0637).

After examining the details of your request, we will forward a quotation to you by e-mail.



Main field

Machine, IT, electronics, chemical, finance, medical, service and other industries.

Economics, management, marketing, human resources, accounting, law, etc.

Type of documents

Instruction manual, inhouse control manual, product information, agreement, financial report, articles, publicity, academic report, research, website content, application form, etc.

Main languages

English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Thai, other languages used in Asia, and other major languages