Q1:  I would like to be sure of the quality of the translation before requesting your services. Is that possible?

We can provide a partial translation of an excerpt of a document which you require at no charge (within the range of a certain number of words/characters).

We can also provide the profile of the translator assigned to the translation upon request.

 Q2:  If the translation requires correction after delivery, do you provide this service at no extra charge?

Yes. We will address the issue promptly and without further charge. Any editing due to changes or additions to the text by the client will incur additional charges.

Feedback from clients is always helpful as a future reference.

For long-term projects, we generally prepare a database of past translations and compile glossaries for future translations.

 Q3:  How do you charge for a translation?

Charges are based on the number of words or characters in the text as well as the following factors:

Additional charges
Additional charges apply when:

  • The degree of difficulty of the text is high (generally 5 to 10% increase)
  • The work is urgent (1.5 to 2 times normal charges for translations needed the same day or the following day)
  • There are special layout requirements (diagrams, PowerPoint, etc.)

We provide discounts for large-volume orders and long-term projects.
We also provide discounts to clients who are frequent users of our services.

Q4:  Could you please tell me about your confidentiality policy?

We treat data entrusted to us by clients with the utmost care to ensure that it is safeguarded against leaking or unauthorized use. All of our translators and external partners individually sign wholly binding non-disclosure agreements.

Synergy Focus is also willing to enter into separate confidentiality agreements at the request of a client prior to receiving data.