Our Skills

We have the experience and skills to meet all your translation needs no matter how large or small. Whether your request is for the urgent translation of a business or technical document, translation of your website, or a large-scale localization project to provide online manuals, we are ready to respond promptly and flexibly to all your needs.

Our translation team

The team at Synergy Focus is made up of professional translators, proofreader/editors, and coordinators who on average have ten or more years’ experience. Taking full advantage of our network that covers Asia and Europe as well as our know-how in IT technology, which is one of our proven strengths, we continually strive to broaden our field of operation and improve upon the high-quality services we already offer.

Translators who are part of the Synergy Focus team are professional translators with extensive experience. They have successfully completed our rigorous translation test and have been carefully selected on the basis of their breadth of experience, knowledge in specialized fields, and excellent translation skills.We choose only certified Chinese and Japanese translators due to complexity of the languages.

Proofreader/editors check each translation carefully not only to ensure accuracy but also to refine and enhance the text where appropriate. As they edit, they check to make sure that the language and terms used are consistent and that the text is fluid and easy to read.

Coordinators carefully analyze the requests of the client and assign an appropriate translator to take on the assignment.

Example of Works (Translation)


Articles of incorporation, Financial report, Certificate of complete company history, Minutes of the Board Meeting, Corporate resolutions, Mid-and long-term business plans, Budget report,. House journal, email content, email content,  Employee handbook, Presentation / speech, Pay statement Performance appraisal, Quality control manual, Internal training material, Sales manual, Operational standard, Activities for RoHS, Information security measures, Maintenance and safety checks, Acceptance inspection procedures

Legal document

Work consignment agreement, Nondisclosure agreement, Agreement of secondment, Supply agreement, Asset purchase agreement, Sale and purchase agreement, Tenancy agreement, Agreement for the sale and purchase of business, Risk disclosure statement, Order specification, License agreement, Business collaboration agreement, Franchise agreement, Joint venture agreement, Memorandum of understanding, Agreement on catch-all controls, Power of attorney, Complaint, Order of court, Writ of summons

Product & Service

Medical equipment, Construction equipment, Server, Software, Computer peripheral equipment, Camera, Image processing system, Copier, Laundry machine, Advertisement for electric home appliance, Narration for product information video, Health-enhancing product, Clinical trial, Recall notice for defective goods, Restaurant menu, Investment opportunities in South East Asia, Exclusive hotels, resort hotels and spas, Financial products, Aesthetic medical, Environmental issues, Exhibition and display, Press release, Guidebook

Research & Report

Industrial trend, Maritime industry, Biotechnology, Government policies, Economic outlook, Due diligence report, J-SOX, Surgery, Pricing analysis report, Vibration / motor / endurance test results, News article, magazine, journal, Survey form


Income tax withholding statement, Birth certificate, Certificate of graduation, qualification, etc., Family register, Approval certificate for importation of medicines, School report, Account statement, Trademark